Manscaping Not Just for the Metrosexual

Manscaping Not Just for the Metrosexual

For guys today, the fur ball look no longer cuts it.


According to Break Media’s survey of men’s grooming habits, 77% of guys aged 18-34 admit to “manscaping,” the practice of hair removal below the neck.  A whopping 97% of manscapers say they tend to the hair “down under,” while much smaller percentages take care of their chests (38%), stomach (28%), back (21%) and butt (16%).


Most use tools already available in the bathroom, either an electric shaver (77%) or a razor (56%), while just 5% of guys report using depilatory creams, and only 2% admit to waxing.


While young men may be sporting less hair below the neck, more facial hair and longer sideburns appear to be the trend.  Men 18-34 are less likely to be clean-shaven than older men (32% vs. 39%) and more likely to wear “scruff” (29% vs.12%). Younger men also prefer to cultivate their sideburns, with only 16% saying they have no sideburns versus 31% of men age 35+.


Overall it sounds like men prefer to keep things tidy rather than smooth, but they’re still reaching for traditional shaving tools to accomplish the end goal. Younger guys are clearly the trendsetters here and present the greatest opportunity for brands offering new products in this category.


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