Not Just Bringing Home the Bacon

Not Just Bringing Home the Bacon
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Men in the kitchen are nothing new, but men as everyday home cooks seem to be reaching a boiling point. Men have typically made guest cameos as cooks—for example, taking on outdoor-grilling duties—but today men are simply playing a larger role in meal planning and preparation. Nearly half of men 18-34 participate in the decision about what gets served at home, according to SMG and The Boston Consulting Group.  And a University of Michigan study of Gen X found “men are surprisingly involved in shopping for food and cooking”; they’re not yet on par with women, but they cook an average of eight meals a week.


Drivers of this trend include an urge to take a more hands-on role in personal health and men not necessarily being the sole breadwinner. But also Millennial men are finding more enjoyment in cooking; they are more likely to claim they “love to cook and consider myself and expert” and “enjoy cooking and being creative in the kitchen” compared to other generations. Non-Millennial men are more likely to claim “I don’t mind cooking, it’s just one of those things I do.”

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