The Acumen Report: Definitive Guide to Men

The Acumen Report: Definitive Guide to Men
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As an audience, men are vastly under researched.  Women, moms, Tweens, and Millennials have received an abundance of attention; but for as important as men are as a consumer group, there is a shortage of insights being surfaced about them.

Thus Break Media set out to understand the zeitgeist of men today and the culmination of this effort is The Acumen Report. The report is based on interviews with leading experts in the men’s space, over 50 hours of interviews with men around the country and a representative survey of 2,000 men ages 18-49. The Acumen Report is about where men are now and where they’re going in the future.

Download an Executive Summary and review this site for other articles and videos from The Acumen Report.



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