DEFY Media is the top creator, distributor, and owner of millennial focused digital content.


We generate over 800 million views every month by tirelessly understanding our audience and the platforms where they live their lives. With over 400 people in our company, we possess second to none capabilities in developing content for millennials, distributing that content to them wherever they are, and marketing that content in ways they connect with far beyond just generating a view. Those capabilities have enabled us to become the only digital content company that has the proven ability to repeatedly build digital brands and establish content franchises which form powerful bonds with audiences across the media platforms that matter to them most.

The Top Brands


DEFY’s Creative Lab consists of the world’s most talented digital creators.

Everyone from on-air talent, to those who write, produce and edit programming has a strong knowledge of the audience, fluency in both internet and pop culture, and a passion for making great programming. Those traits, combined with our exhaustive green light process, are among the reasons they have over 15 billion lifetime views among them.

Our marketing and distribution experts understand both the art and science of marketing programming across myriad platforms and screens of all sizes. With so much content being consumed in a feed driven world they are always in pursuit of the thumbstopping moment. They know down to the time of day when it makes sense to post a video, how to optimize it for the web, social media and OTT platforms. Whether it’s creating the perfect thumbnail or surfacing our content on the Today show the DEFY content launch team is building the model for how to connect with consumers in the Content Democracy.

Here at Defy we have created over 30,000 videos. Some are 30 seconds, some are 90 minutes. Some are on YouTube, some are on television. These videos account for tens of millions of viewing hours per month. What our videos have in common is they are all produced by the smartest and most creative people in the industry for the most empowered, elusive, generation of content viewers ever born.


Top Digital Programs Including