DEFY’s leading portfolio of brands are centered on

comedy, entertainment, gaming and lifestyle.

Our brands resonate with the digital generation because we share their interests and obsess over the same topics. It’s this powerful relationship between creator and audience that has built massive and deeply passionate communities across the content and screens that matter most to our audience — and it’s this personal level of engagement that’s the driving force behind our beloved brands.

Multi-screen experience

We understand that our consumers’ insatiable appetite for entertainment is the driving force behind today’s media evolution. This generation’s content is not delivered in a specific time slot or on one device, it‘s consumed when they want it and how they want it.

We work hard to stay one step ahead of their needs by ensuring that our coveted collection of brands is available across all of their preferred media platforms.  And it’s that commitment that’s produced top ranking mobile viewing and gaming apps, digital music and merchandise offerings, and some of the most consumed content on connected TV platforms.

Wherever they choose to access our content, we are always at their fingertips.

Our consumer is defying the rules of traditional media and it’s why we are named DEFY.


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