Hot Pockets, That’s Hot!

Hot Pockets, That’s Hot!
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Program overview

Defy Media enlisted the wildly popular comedic duo, Smosh, to create a custom video for Hot Pockets. The branded video That’s Hot, which was a play on the brand’s over-arching message, Irresistibly Hot,  was posted to the Smosh Youtube Channel, and Smosh’s social media pages.


8MM+ Awareness-Driving Views to Date

  • Guaranteed 1.5MM Views
  • 533% Over-Delivery

Favorable Fan Response to ‘That’s Hot’ Video on Youtube

  • 88.3K+ Video ‘Likes’
  • 19.2K+ Video Comments
  • 10.4K+ Video Favorites
  • 95% Approval Rating

Additional Fan Engagement on Facebook and Twitter

  • 1.1K+ Facebook ‘Likes’
  • 188.8K+ Facebook Post Views
  • 1K+ Facebook Post Comments
  • Twitter Smosh Direct Posts Populated 1.4MM Twitter Feeds
  • Twitter Earned Posts via Re-Tweets Populated an Additional 47.3K+ Newsfeeds

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Hot Pockets