Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
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Program overview

We created a unique integrated marketing program that connected the Jack link’s brand with Break Media’s massive audience by producing an engaging 5-part branded entertainment series that would resonate with men on Break, Made Man, & across the web. To kick things off with a bang Brian Wilson let his millions of twitter followers know that his “ol’ pal” Sasquatch lent him a ligament for surgery effectively forming an immediate connection between Sasquatch and Brian.


The 5 episode web series of uncaged with Sasquatch was officially released on july 23rd as planned approx. 10 days after the live-event stunt and the series has generated over 3mm views across Mademan.com, Break.com and through syndication partners such as Yahoo!’s video platform Yahoo! Screen.

Facebook Fan Engagement

  • 5 MadeMan.com posts generated 38,427 total impressions.
  • 3 Break.com posts generated 273,854 total impressions.
  • Total impressions from Facebook posts: 312,281

Twitter Fan Engagement

  • 52 Tweets Contained #asksquatch (Data from 7/24-8/20)
  • 42% of Tweets contained a link to an uncaged episode.
  • 38% of Tweets were retweeted.
  • 657,312 Total impressions of tweets


Campaign details

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Break.com, MadeMan.com and Yahoo! Screen

Flight Date(s)
Jul 23, 2012—Aug 1, 2012